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Q & A with Fund Manager – Ajay Tyagi

Question: You have a preference for companies that generate healthy operating cashflow and free cash flow. Why do you emphasize this factor?   Answer:  The value of a business in its most fundamental sense can be derived by considering the value of cashflows that the business generates over its life time and discounting them back .... Read More

Consumer goods : A high ROCE and sustainable growth avenue for UTI equity fund

UTI Equity fund has a strong predilection towards investing into businesses that have strong and steady profile of free cashflow generation, high RoCEs through the cycle and a high visibility of long term growth. The investment philosophy of the fund is pivoted around buying wonderful high quality businesses that are expected to remain wonderful for .... Read More

Elections, GDP Growth & Returns

As we head into 2019 the question I am asked most often is “What is my view of the elections and how it will impact the market”.   To this, my preferred answer is: ‘I don’t know’.   My next best answer is that it will have an impact, in the short run, but it’s .... Read More
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